Our mission:

To elevate every listening experience to a moment of connection.

Our History

The Nomad Sound Team’s roots go back to social interactions in 1999, but the organization really began to take permanant form in 2005, and has since grown in every imaginable direction. Nourished with opportunity in Austin’s acclaimed live music scene, our early business thrived while we simply pursued work with musicians we enjoyed and respected.

Thankfully those musicians were equally as devoted to the pursuit of their craft as we were. We brought people together around music,  created space to build community, and encouraged joy to be part of our everyday experience.

Over the last fifteen years we have honed our craft, exceeding expectations and creating moments of magic. We are passionate collaborators, ready to consult with our clients, understand the challenges, and design perfectly configured audio systems for each event.

Although we started as a small operation nearly two decades ago, the nuances of being a boutique sound company have mostly stayed in place, forming some of our core values, and assisting our reputation as the most chill, professional, and friendly sound crew in the nation.

Its a label we embrace with open arms. Because of that, when we get the opportunity to work with unique artists and producers, we tend to forge a family-like bond, and continue to build on those relationships year after year. We are proud to have grown hand in hand with the very best concert events, music venues, and musicians in Texas, Colorado and now even more further afield…

Our Process

We’ve built a rock-solid reputation one show at a time, by collaborating with our clients to bring their events to fruition. Our team brings decades of experience into the planning and execution of your event.  We are serious about the art of production, and we deliver on our promises, building lasting trust with our clients, crew, artists, and audiences alike. We realize how difficult of a blessing it is to make a living in the arts, and our crew is a great mix of musicians, technicians, and fans.  It’s a formula that works hard, plays hard, and sleeps on Mondays.

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Main Office: 512.507.1228