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Celebrating life on the road, with L-Acoustics

By January 18, 2018News
We admire L-Acoustics for pioneering the line source array design that makes our job so much fun, so of course we are thrilled to share the latest comments from within their organization concerning our newly founded relationship:

Since 2005, Nomad Sound, Inc. has been steadily building its reputation as a crackerjack regional sound reinforcement provider, picking up a 2016 Parnelli Award for “Hometown Hero Sound Company of the Southwest” along the way. Now, the company has another notch to add to its belt—its brand new designation as an L-Acoustics Certified Provider for the rental market.

L-Acoustics Regional Sales Manager B.J. Shaver says,

When I initially met with Nomad, it was obvious that they provided a high quality of service to their customers, from sales to support. They also had a great understanding and respect for our network of providers, which they had utilized to support some of their existing customers. Nomad Sound is a great fit and a very welcome addition to the L-Acoustics family of providers.”

Click here to read the entire press release on the L-Acoustics homepage.